What People Are Saying About ElderAudience.com

“What a wonderful year we have had being with ElderAudience! I have been able to do just about double the work that I did in the previous year. It has been magnificent!…Thank you for taking on this great endeavor.” Mary H., listed presenter

“We’ve received phone calls from 3 different facilities for concert bookings given your recent promotion of our trio. Thank you. It is so nice to have folks phone us about performances rather than my making endless phone calls in an attempt to get a booking. We just love to sing and we all like to have some upcoming trio performance events scheduled on our personal calendars. We have so much fun entertaining at the senior facilities. You helped make more bookings happen! That makes us happy!” Cheri E.,Yours & Ours Trio

“Thanks for having such a great website. This new girl in town really needed to find some new entertainers and I had no idea where to start!!” Holly J., Life Enrichment Director,Country Meadows Village in Woodburn

“Your website has helped and encouraged all of us and brought joy to thousands of elders!”

“Pam -Just a word of encouragement. I have been getting contacts at the coast who say they saw me on Elder Audience. I appreciate all that you do…” Dick K., listed performer

“Your web site is awesome and has been a great help for us. Thanks to you
and elderaudience.com” The Mellow Tones

“Elderaudience.com is where I find all entertainers” Life Enrichment Coordinator at senior facility

(from a listed performer) “I have gotten many calls from ELDER AUDIENCE so I am thankful to have
joined! 🙂  ”

“I just wanted to reiterate how much I appreciate your website. I know I will get local entertainers at a reasonable price.” Amanda P., Director of Activities, Marquis Vermont Hills

(from a listed performer) “It’s only 8:45 AM and I’ve already booked two shows at two different facilities through Elder Audience! We had a wonderful return engagement last night at Van Mall Retirement, and have three more performances next week. Thanks so much for providing such a fantastic service to entertainers and activity directors alike!”

“I just wanted to thank you for your email updates. I love elderaudience.com and have booked several awesome entertainers because of your website!” Shirley A., Lebanon Senior Center

“Thanks for all the entertainment leads that you share with us. I look at Elderaudience site every day for the new update info.” Jody M., Activities Director, The Hampton & Ashley Inn, Vancouver

“We love your site; the resources are so helpful to planning my programs monthly.” Cindy F.,  SpringRidge Court Assisted Living

“You just have the best website ever! Thank you for all that you do to support the arts and for providing all of us that work with older adults the opportunity to bring happiness and joy to their lives either through, music, storytelling, magic and more!!” Kelly L., Luepke & Firstenburg Community Center

“Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with your website! We had 13 Celtic Harp gigs in March, and turned away several more requests. Most of those were generated by ElderAudience. We were really busy in March! This is a wonderful idea site for Senior facilities, and certainly very helpful for us, as it is the only way we advertise.” Nancy J., Celtic Trill Flute and Harp Duo

“Hi Pam. So far we have found 9 acts from your website for our Wednesday after lunch performances.Thanks for all your help!”  Matt S., Juanita Pohl Center Supervisor

“I love this site so much!! You do a wonderful job and service to activity directors serving seniors. Thank you for that bridge!! 🙂 ”  Danette U. , The Quarry Senior Living, Vancouver

“…I appreciate what you do for all of the activity directors.. You are amazing and an incredible resource for us. Thank you so much.”  Livia T., Life Enrichment Director, Avamere at Bethany

“…my registration with your service has been a huge success.  I have had nine bookings so far. I’m happy!  Thank you very much.”  Earlene G., listed speaker

“I’ve had several programs this month through Elder Audiences. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. ” Steve H., listed speaker

Please keep me informed of when my subscription runs out, because it really has generated calls to me, and I want to keep it, with the sidebar listing as well. Steve B., Jass two Plus One Hot Swing Jazz

Thank you Pam! It has been a really good year for us and thanks to ElderAudience and you for giving us so many opportunities. Robert Richter,listed musician

I have been talking to Activity Directors the last couple of weeks because  they want to bring a bus load of people to see our show. Some are not on  our mailing list so I asked them how they found out about us:  “Elderaudience” They said that was the only place to find Outings.   Assisted living places can’t go everywhere and it is so hard to find new  places to go. They really love you. Thank you for all your help.  Betty Merrill, Northwest Senior Theatre

I just wanted to let you know that your site was an extremely valuable resource for me when booking talent for our annual Spring Break Around the World this past March. Most of the performers I hired were from your site because I knew that they would be professional and talented. Lauren Miller,  Marketing and Events Coordinator at World Forestry Center

I could spend hours on your web site…. Where have you been all these years?

Thank you for sharing this wonderful site!!

In case you have not been reminded lately – YOU are simply AMAZING! What you do is beyond wonderful and I cannot thank you enough. Keep on keeping on. Melyssa A. Harmon, Activity Coordinator, Terwilliger Plaza

I just want to THANK YOU  for a VERY SUCCESSFUL YEAR thanks in large part to YOU and ElderAudience. I could not do what I do without your invaluable resource. Keep up the fantastic community outreach and happy new year!

Your website has given my program so many wonderful performers and resources this past year! I can’t thank you enough for your service.

(FROM A LISTED SPEAKER)Just wanted to let you know that again your web site has paid off! I got a call from Village Health Care inquiring about my apron presentations!

We are excited to have expanded our entertainment repertoire so much thanks to you and your website. RSM especially is having many new people and residents are loving it!

(FROM LISTED ENTERTAINERS)Thanks again to ElderAudience.com, we now have our October show scheduled at Normandy Woods in Beaverton, Oregon. Carmelita Rowland, the activity director there called today. You have our club convinced of the value your site provides. On behalf of our entire club – Thank you. Plus, you’ve made my job easier already – that is a lot of phone calls and waiting for answers back that you’ve saved me. N. Rice, South Riverside Kiwanis Musical Revue

Thank you for everything you do for activity directors. I find your site so informational. As you know time is at a premium in this job and your site helps so much. Great job!!

The new site looks fantastic! Great work! And congrats on your wonderful accomplishment. I think this is a super idea and you’ve done a tremendous job getting it all together. I’m very happy to be a part of it 🙂

(FROM A LISTED PERFORMER) So many smiles and such warmth; I feel I’m doing something that matters. Can’t beat that!

(FROM LISTED PERFORMERS)Thanks for letting The Skylark Tappers be one of your “pioneers” for your valuable website to the senior community. Job well done!

WOW!!!! The Elder Audience site looks GREAT!!!! I am so glad to be a part of it; thank you for your efforts. It is a great service for all of us, performers as well as caregivers. The way you presented my information looks great and all the links worked, too. It’s impressive! Thank you so much.

(FROM A LISTED PERFORMER)Your site is really a ‘godsend’, according to the activities directors I’ve spoken with!

How cool is this! What a great idea!!! Jump on board the activity ElderAudience express…..this is a very helpful website.

Wow, how about someone taking an idea, and really making it a reality. This can only be a big help for all of us in the business. Our team is looking at it today, and will contact her asap.

What a service, my hat goes off to you as well as a big thank you!!

Yeah! Congratulations on the site. It’s beautiful and quite accessible. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

I’ve visited your site and it’s clear you’ve put a great deal of work and thought into this worthy project.

You’re doing great great great! What a fabulous service you are providing…BRAVO!!!!

I found your whole website so interesting, so useful! It’s also pleasant to travel around in and very convenient to check out. Congratulations on a handsome presentation of a great service. You’re going to have an audience.

I just wanted to communicate that I think you have created an AMAZING and ENRICHING service. Honoring you for this idea!

We appreciate the effort and time you have put into putting your site together.Unless someone has had the experience of trying to find fitting entertainment for communities like ours they won’t be able to appreciate what you have done. We think you are wonderful and encourage you to keep up the good work. It is obvious you are enjoying your project as it shows in the site.

I am lovin this website. I have just recently become an activity director at a residential care facility and it has been very frustrating finding volunteers or just someone who has time to come in and teach or entertain. This is great! Thanks for putting this together! I will spread the word!

I know you’ve heard it before, but I simply love what you’re doing for all of us activity directors with this website!

I knew I wanted something special for St. Patrick’s Day, so I went to your site and looked around until I came upon the Storytellers category and thought to myself “How perfect!”. I’m having Ken Iverson here next week:)

It is awesome! Will be using your site often, thanks for starting such a great resource!

I try to tell most everybody I talk to about ElderAudience. Thanks for what you do!

I have to say: I love your site! Well done! You are becoming the “go to” site!

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing this information with us all. What a great resource!

(From a listed entertainer): I have to say this is an EXCELLENT idea. I’ve been playing at eldercare facilities for several years and anything that can help streamline the booking process gets my vote!

Thank you so much once again for making it easy to find the people who will come out and brighten up an afternoon with fun and/or education!

(From a listed organization) We had an amazing response from ElderAudience.  It really launched us! Sarah Baran www.bunniesinbaskets.org

(From a listed entertainer): I just got hired at another facility! Joining ElderAudience is the best decision I made all last year. I am getting calls almost every day!Thanks for providing a great and much needed service!

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