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James Hipsher- Exciting Live Poetry Recitations

4-1-14 james hipsher 017 (2)Invite me to recite poems for you, all from Memory! I am a Volunteer, and I am happy to do this as a community service. My program is flexible in length. You’ll hear famous poets such as R.Kipling, W. Shakespeare, Robert Service,  Emma Lazarus, Robert Frost, Ella W. Wilcox, Anonymous and my own. All tasteful for any audience. I am the winner of many Poetry Slams, including 2012 Pacific University’s “Best Performance”, and I love the spoken word! Many poems are suitable for HOLIDAYS too–for example, I’ve recited from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for Valentine’s Day.



No Charge

Contact: James Hipsher

Phone: (503)332-2750

Email:  poetjah59@yahoo.com

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Words of Praise for James Hipsher: 

“James was a wonderful performer at our Shakespeare-themed fundraising party to benefit Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon. He took the time to introduce himself to each guest and chat about their favorite poems/poets. During the show, he incorporated some of those poems into his performance. The crowd was enthusiastic and his skills amazed everyone. We will definitively call him back for other shows!” Fabiana D., Life Enrichment Assistant, The Springs at Tanasbourne

“Our residents were thrilled to have Jim share his poetry (and a few other forms of entertainment!).  His energy and passion keeps them engaged, and he puts deep thought into the poetry he selects.  Jim is a master of his craft and we are grateful for the generous time he spends with our residents.  Thank you, Jim!” Stacy H., Life Enrichment Coordinator, RHRC Cedar Sinai Park

“James Hipsher recites poetry from memory beautifully.  We all enjoyed his performance and had his poems running through our minds for the next few days.  I highly recommend him as a performer.  We will definitely have him back to Arcadia.” Tauna S., Activities Director, Arcadia Assisted Living

“James is amazing, he began by shaking everyone’s hands and learning everyone’s names. He made eye contact with everyone, the audience was spellbound, during recitation of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, some in the audience even cried, touched by his presentation. James gave a 70 minute presentation, played the piano, half hour of reciting others poetry, half hour telling anecdotes and reciting his own poetry. James brought a doll he made and did some ventriloquisms, he also played the harmonica. The audience was engaged the whole time.” Tabitha M., Program Director, Cedar Crest

“Jim is a wonderful orator and a gracious guest with an infectious energy for poetry.  Our participants love him and are engaged for his entire visit!” Nancy H., Director Adult Day Services, Cedar Sinai Park

“James’ performance wasn’t just engaging- it was mesmerizing to residents and staff alike as they overheard. His ability to recite poetry and other works is wonderful, but what is even more engaging is the theatrical dramatization that enhances it as he performs. We have already reached out to have him back at The Springs at Sherwood. What a delight!” Tina A., The Springs at Sherwood

“We thought we add a little something special to our Mother’s Day Tea Social and have someone recite poetry. And who better than having James Hipsher do the reciting.  He surely brought a sense of panache and flair to the event. So impressed were the residents and family members that they have asked me to have him back. When he recites, people listen. His voice will grab your attention from the very get go. Very articulate and full of emotion. Well done Jim! We can’t wait to have you back.” John P. Cull, Activities Director, Tanner Spring Assisted Living

“MR. James Hispher came and visited our group home last Tuesday. Wow! His performance engaged our staff and residence for the entire hour. He recited poetry, explained the historical context and did so with humor. We have had many performers come and go at our group home. Mr. Hipsher was by far our favorite. We would love to have him back anytime he is available- once a month, once a week or once a day!” Matthew J., Lead Residence Supervisor, Welcome Home Communities

“(James Hipsher) is a delight to our residents. We would like him to come again to our facility. He is amazing, he recites his poems by memory. He is highly recommended.” Carol,

“James was stirring, engaging, and had great projection.  The residents were engaged and had no trouble hearing him, without any amplified sound.  He handled requests well, whether he knew them or not, and was gracious at repeated requests for the same poems”. Amanda P., Activities Director, Marquis Vermont Hills

“James is a welcome addition to our facility. His vast repertoire and engaging performance style is able to reach all levels of residents. In addition he is punctual, polite, well dressed, and truly makes our residents feel like this is a special event. He even takes requests! I highly recommend James to any facility looking to try something new”. -Kayla S, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Providence Elderplace Glendoveer

“James Hipster – poet- again he came to Hearthstone and did his amazing poetry from memory.  We at Hearthstone of Beaverton enjoy him so much”. Nancy B., Activity Director, Hearthstone of Beaverton

“He came to our facility and was absolutely wonderful. The residents were enthralled. It’s amazing that he has been able to commit so many fantastic poems and stories to memory”. Crystal L., Life Enrichment Coordinator, Willow Place.

“We recently had Jim come perform his spoken poems for us and my residents instantly fell in love! He was very charming, uplifting and there were lots of laughs and smiles shared all around. We can’t wait to have Jim back at our facility as he was a joy to watch and listen. Jim is such a wonderful performer who just wants to entertain, above all. He was great with my seniors and I can only imagine watching him in front of a crowd of bright eyes children or any age for that matter. Jim is a new facility favorite!” Stephanie P., Life Enrichment Director, Deerfield Village Assisted Living

“Our residents love when Jim comes to recite poetry and his stories. He is animated, engaging, and full of knowledge. He is a must have and provides a wonderful and insightful program!” Megan M.,
Programs Supervisor, Canfield Place

“Jim continues to delight our residents with his vast repertoire of poems. He is wonderful at interacting with our residents and keeping them engaged. After his latest performance a resident remarked that we are so lucky to have him visit. I certainly agree!” Chloe F., Activity Director, RN Villa Care Center

“Jim continues to amaze our group with his energy, his stories and his love of the spoken word. 1 hour flies by when he is performing! Our group consists of elders living with dementia…they especially love his interpretations of the classics”. Nancy H., Director Adult Day Services, Cedar Sinai Park

“James Hipsher was an absolute delight to have at our community. Our residents had nothing but good things to say about his poetry recitations. He was engaging with residents and made them feel at ease with his moving poetry. I would recommend him to any senior living facility-he is a joy!” Susan C., Program Director, NorthWest Place

“(James) Hipsher has been coming to our facility for the past few years. He is an amazing Story Teller. His stories are with such enthusiasm and excitement keeping us at the edge our seats. We enjoy having him perform for us as often as he can”. Bridgett H., Activity Director, Sapphire @ Gateway

“James Hipsher is absolutely fantastic! He knows an amazing amount of poems by memory and performs them with enthusiasm. He even graciously performed one of our resident’s original poems. He engaged our residents with backstories and discussion & they raved about him afterward. I highly recommend him!” Chloe F., Activity Director, RN Villa Care Center

“Jim Hipsher helped make our Mother’s Day event at West Hills Village very special. He instantly had a fun and easy rapport with the residents and recited uplifting poetry for us. He is warm and friendly and provided a great service for us!” Caroline T., Life Enrichment Assistant, West Hills Village

“James Hipsher is a wonderful entertainer and a very kind man. It’s amazing that he has so many poems memorized by other authors as well as his own.” Julia D., Life Enrichment Coordinator, West Hills Village

“James Hipsher is absolutely amazing. Not only does he know all of his poems by memory, but he engages our residents with the backstory, as well as information of the poets. He was energetic and engaging the entire time he was with us. His passion for written and spoken art is evident in the way he presents. Not only was he engaging and enthusiastic, but he was so kind and professional. It was obvious how much he cares about a perfect stranger in the way he greeted each and every resident before and after his time at our facility. I would be honored to have him recite poetry again!” Jill C., Life Enrichment Assistant, Emerson House

“James Hipsher came to our facility and recited his awesome poems, he was animated and totally captivated our residents! He had them smiling and laughing, it was a great hour and I look forward to him coming again in the future!” Mindi C., McLoughlin Place Senior Living, MCII

“Jim Hipsher is wonderful! What a rewarding hour we spent listening to Jim share poetry, jokes and stories with our group. Our adults with dementia were especially engaged due to the fact that they knew so many of the poems and felt his energy as he performed. He will definitely be a regular in our program!”  Nancy H.,  Adult Day Services Director, Cedar Sinai Park

“Jim Hipsher is so very entertaining.  Hearthstone of Beaverton enjoyed his poetry and presentation!  He is animated and shows that he loves what he does. Very talented. Hope to have him back soon.” Nancy B., Activity Director, Hearthstone of Beaverton Assisted Living

“I would highly recommend having Jim recite some famous and original poetry by heart – he is so animated and expressive, making the poems come alive! Jim won a “poetry slam” as the best presenter at Pacific University in 2012 for all ages at. Even if it’s a small group showing, it will “touch” those who attend in a way other programs don’t. Our residents commented how fun he was to watch and enjoyed this different type of program. One resident even brought a Robert Frost book of poetry, signed to the resident by Mr. Frost. You never know what will spark an interest or bring back a memory!” Shirley A., Hearthstone of Murrayhill

“Jim Hipster volunteered his time to recite Poetry for our Arbor residents.They just loved him. He has such expression and his poetry tells wonderful stories. He touched our residents lives, by bringing sunshine and laughter to the Arbor. Thanks Jim! we look forward to next time.” Lisa M., Edgewood Point Arbor Memory Care

“I have positive feedback for poet-James Hipsher. He came to our community and brought so much life and energy into his poems and story. When the residents heard he was coming, they were so excited to come hear him because of their past experiences with him. They had so much fun and asked for more! We can’t wait to get him back!” Megan C., Programs Supervisor, Canfield Place in Beaverton

“Jim Hipsher did a wonderful poetry reading at my community. My residents really enjoyed him and couldn’t stop talking about it all afternoon. They said it took them back to a different time. It was absolutely wonderful! I would recommend him to all Activity Directors.” Danyle P., Life Enrichment Director, Oswego Springs Assisted Living

“Rose Schnitzer Manor would like to send a BIG Thank You To Jim for his presentation at our community on September 5th. Jim not only told wonderful stories, he thrilled his audience with his beautiful poetic talents as well. His presentation was delightful. We look forward to seeing Jim again in the near future. Thank you again Jim, for that wonderful event!” Shelley T., Community Outreach Coordinator, Cedar Sinai Park, Portland

“James Hipsher was a hit at our community. He was very entertaining and  friendly to all the residents and staff. It was a pleasure having him  in…we will certainly have him again!”  Shannon L., Program Director NorthWest Place in Portland

“I just wanted to write to you and give you a review of James Hipsher and his recent poetry recital at Canfield Place. Our residents really loved his performance! One resident commented that he “brought the words to life”. We will definitely be having him back! He was a great communicator, punctual, and respectful. “  Corene P., Canfield Place in Beaverton

“We recently had Jim Hipsher at our facility and I would encourage others to do so. His poetry reciting is very impressive, full of emotion and something very different to offer your residents.  Because he came, I learned that one of our residents has also memorized poetry over the years, and Jim really “peaked” his interest – you never know which program will “speak” to someone until you try it. This one is worth trying!” Shirley A. Hearthstone at Murrayhill

Jim Hipsher is an incredible Poetry Reader that needs to be recognized as someone who is not only an expert at captivating audience members with his attention grabbing voice filled with emotional undertones, but also as someone who is always welcome back to Farmington Square Beaverton. Thanks so much, Jim! Corbin B., Farmington Square in Beaverton

“This is to give a good word about Jim her the Poet. He came to our facility  (Farmington Square) and gave a presentation that all of our residents enjoyed. He was very friendly to all and his poems were wonderful. Thank You.” Grace G., Farmington Square in Beaverton

“Last week The Heights at Columbia Knoll had the great honor to welcome James Hipsher as a speaker and presenter of poetry. What a pleasure! Our residents were entertained with not just the poetry but interesting facts as well about writers, styles of writing, and history. He presented for over an hour and everyone commented about the great speaker we had. When he arrived he walked through the crowd introducing himself and making conversation. What a charming gentleman! Thanks Pam for your recommendation to invite him. I’m so very glad that I did. It was certainly a highlight of our week.” Sincerely, Maril R., Activities Director,The Heights at Columbia Knoll

“I would like to recommend Jim Hipsher for Elder Audience. Jim has been coming to the Rose Schnitzer for many years. He reads poetry from memory which allows him to really get into the stories and become animated. Our residents really look forward to his performances. He is very caring and friendly to our residents. He is wonderful if what you are looking for is a great story teller/poetry reading event. “ Mary D., Life Enrichment Coordinator Rose Schnitzer Manor at Cedar Sinai Park





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