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“Illinois” Doug Tracy-Liberty & Union Presidential Campaign Songs of the 1860 & 1864 Elections

2-23-14 Illinois Doug Tracy new picMusic was a main form of campaigning used by Presidential candidates in the 1860’s. These songs give us an insight to the candidates’ positions and how divided Americans were at the time. This music was written by the people in response to the events unfolding around them and about the political characters of the day. This is the music “of the people, by the people and for the people.” Discover how music helped to shape what were, probably, the most crucial Presidential elections our nation has ever held!

“Illinois” Doug Tracy is a musician (banjo and guitar), folklorist, and troubadour. He’s part of a long tradition of entertainers who share encyclopedic collections of American songs with their audiences. As a member of the Oregon Lincoln Bicentennial Commission (OLBC) he became interested in the songs of Lincoln’s two campaigns —1860 & 1864.  For the 2009 Bicentennial he developed a repertoire that represents the campaigns of Lincoln with each of his opponent’s, and featuring other political characters of the day. The melodies used were those of popular songs of the day so everyone could sing along. Some songs may seem familiar still, but many have been long forgotten. “Illinois ” Doug Tracy brings  these forgotten songs back to life!

Invite “Illinois” Doug Tracy to present this fascinating program of songs and history at your facility or event! He is Portland-based but  travels widely!

Contact: : “Illinois” Doug Tracy

Phone: (971) 322-4936

Email: illinoisdoug@peak.org

Website: www.illinoisdoug.com

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Music samples:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LlNlhXnjuU Three Cheers for Abe and Andy








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