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Brain Fitness Workouts- Fun Cognitive Stimulation Activities

Brain Fitness Workouts exercise your attention, concentration, memory, and creative imagination!

Regular cognitive stimulation helps preserve and strengthen brain functions. These fun and challenging one hour classes for groups or individuals also promote social connections.


A well-rounded cognitive workout includes the following types of exercises:


-Create new memories by learning “Fact of the Day”

-Activate retrieval of already memorized material


-Addition and subtraction

-Equation puzzles

Verbal Fluency

-Noun and verb generation games

-Word search puzzles

Visual Scanning

-Trail making exercises

-Hidden pictures



-Mental rotation

Creative Imagination

-Brainstorming new uses for everyday items

-Poems from one word

-Matching cartoons to captions

Social Interactions

-Group games like “Buzz” and “Ping Pang Pong”


These puzzles and games are fun and played with a purpose. All help strengthen attention and concentration. Problem solving, reasoning and strategizing are additional skills that are utilized.

Experts on brain health agree that to maintain brain functions we must “use it or lose it.” Scientists have also shown that the people who engage the most frequently in cognitively stimulating activities are less likely to suffer from dementia. In addition, research confirms that the positive social connections older adults have are important to their brain health.

Amy Craig is a Certified Cognitive Stimulation Instructor who enjoys creating engaging brain fitness classes for groups and individuals. She looks forward to helping you make cognitive workouts part of your health care regimen!

(For research, see articles in Neurology, December, 2004; American Journal of Public Health, July 2008; The Journal of Alzheimer’s Association, September, 2008; Neurology, August, 2009; Journal of Aging Research, Volume 2012 among many others.)


Service Fee: Please inquire for details.

Service Areas: WASHINGTON- Vancouver Area

Service Types: Retirement Home/Independent Living, Assisted Living, Adult Foster Home, Senior Center, Seniors at Home, Private Parties/Locations.

Availability: Tuesday through Friday 11am-12pm and 1 pm-4 pm, Request in Advance.


Contact Name: Amy Craig

Phone: 503-329-0781

E-mail: brainfitnessworkouts@outlook.com

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