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Angel Pilato- Author, Memoir Speaker (Vietnam, Air Force, 1960s)

Angelica “Angel” Pilato is the author of “Angel’s Truck Stop: A Woman’s Love, Laughter, and Loss During the Vietnam War” (a memoir.)

Her talk “How Being Part of History Turned into a Memoir” gives an overview of the events of the Sixties and how they affected her decision to join the Air Force at the height of the Vietnam conflict.  She gives a humorous, engaging and at times, heart-wrenching presentation.

She was the first woman Air Force Officer to manage an Officers’ Club and the first to run one to run one on a fighter base in Southeast Asia, which enables her to give a unique perspective on the war.

Her book Angel’s Truck Stop:  A Woman’s Love Laughter and Loss during the Vietnam War, reveals the conflicts, choices and challenges she faced in this trailblazing position.

After five years in active duty she joined the Air Force Reserves and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.  Angel earned her Ph.D. at OSU, and has held executive positions at corporations and in academia.

She is based in the Portland Metro area, but will travel beyond the area. (travel expenses may apply).


Contact: Angelica “Angel” Pilato

Phone: (503)754-7334

Email: angelpilato@yahoo.com

Website: angels-truckstop.com

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Presentation Sample: http://www.angelstruckstop.com/photos-video/





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