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What is ElderAudience?

ElderAudience is the hub of all things Life Enrichment in the Portland, OR area. We are not a booking agency; we are the hot spot for entertainment, wellness, destinations, and resources for seniors and the people who serve them.

LIFE ENRICHMENT DIRECTORS: Use ElderAudience to build a creative and exciting program!

We are proud to bring you live musical entertainment, educational speakers, magicians, exercise specialists, outings, and MUCH MORE!

Do you have an upcoming anniversary, birthday, reunion, or special event? Find your entertainment and resources here.

How does it work?

  1. BROWSE OUR CATEGORIES or use the search feature to find a listing that meets your needs. Don’t forget to check out the picture profiles on the side of every page! Click on each profile for more information.
  2. Contact a lister directly to book them or learn more information on their service.
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Who is “Backstage” of ElderAudience? Lindsey Main Photo

Lindsey Bretzman, ADC, CDP acquired ElderAudience in 2016. She had used the ElderAudience resource for many years as a local Life Enrichment Director, and was overjoyed to take ownership.

Lindsey Bretzman, ADC, CDP was born and raised in the Chicagoland area. After caring for her grandfather for many years and volunteering at a local nursing home, Lindsey has devoted her career to enriching the lives of seniors. Lindsey has worked in a myriad of settings, including assisted living and memory care. Dementia activity programming, caregiver and family education, and dementia communication techniques are among Lindsey’s specialties. She is also passionate about discovering and implementing new and exciting activities into programs. Lindsey Bretzman is a Certified Activity Director (State of Oregon) and Certified Dementia Practitioner, working as a local Life Enrichment Director for many years.

She encourages you to spread the word of ElderAudience to others, and stay tuned for exciting updates to the website!

How did we start?

ElderAudience was the brainchild of Pam Waldman in 2008. Pam was inspired by the experience of caring for her aging parents, who moved to Portland several years ago to reside in an assisted living facility. After some research, she noted that there didn’t seem to be one central place in Portland for senior living facilities to find the myriad talented people available to entertain their residents. And since performers are always looking for that next “gig”, it seemed natural to form a site to bring them together! That’s how ElderAudience was born.


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