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1 Laugh at a Time- Laughter Yoga, Tai Chi, & Chair Exercise

People’s eyes begin to sparkle in anticipation after the first deep breath and when you finally let them belly laugh it’s a wave of release that flows through the room. Everyone’s brain releases serotonin and cuts back production of cortisol, we all feel a little better, and notice the great smiles on the faces of the people around us, and that makes us smile all the more. Pretty soon your cheeks become sore from smiling so much for so long! The muscles in the face and neck get a work out that lasts long enough to produce measurable changes and we all look just a little younger. The smile that comes to your face, more often now, makes you more approachable.

Laura Lou (Certified Laughter Yoga Leader) will capture the attention of your residents and delight them with the ease of laughing for no reason! By engaging each resident and encouraging them to move within their own comfort zone, Laura Lou entices spontaneous movement and communication from the shyest and most isolated participants!

Hasya (Laughter) Yoga is a system for producing sustained laughter without relying on humor, jokes or comedy. This fun new exercise system cultivates child-like playfulness and joy. Plus, it increases the supply of oxygen to the brain and heightens body awareness. These are simple concepts that add up to a surprising amount of benefits for the mind and body.

A graduate of PCC’s HOAF (Healthy Older Adult Fitness) program,  offered through the Fitness Technology and Gerontology Departments; Laura Lou also has a background in acrobatics, physical theater and circus clowning!

Laugh and find your inner joy with Laughter Yoga!


Slow down and find your inner joy with Laughing Tai Chi basics!

Contact Laura Lou to learn more, and to arrange for a program at your facility! She is based in the Portland/Vancouver area.

Recent testimonials for Laura Lou Pape-McCarthy:

“Laura Lou is FUN! She is so energetic and passionate about providing a comfortable and unique experience with seniors. She can put a smile on anyone’s face and can engage residents who normally do not participate in exercise. The best part about a session with Laura Lou is her “laughing goodbye,” where she can connect with anyone with her smile and positive energy.” Jill C., Life Enrichment Assistant, Oatfield Estates

“I had a blast!” says Mary, who was trying laughter yoga for the first time. “It was really great. Even for the ladies who were around the laughter group today but not participating, they couldn’t help catching the laughs at least some of the time. Laughter is contagious like that.” Mary, resident and participant.

“Laura Lou adds spice and charisma to any class.  She is a fabulous instructor who truly cares for her audience.  She brings humor and light heartedness to any group which is pure medicine for the soul. ” Rene’ S.,Wellness Director, Holladay Park Plaza

“I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the session with Laughter Laura Lou was!!! She had the room in hysterics!!! Definitely a workout of many smiles/diaphragm muscles!!!! Thanks again for posting! It was a very positive experience!!!” Kris, Activity Director at Laurelhurst Village

“Laura Lou is a world class facilitator! I’ve taken movement and expression classes all over the world and haven’t seen better.” Jen, Hawthorne Laughter Club participant

“Incredibly captivating and hilarious teacher, splashingly good fun! I haven’t laughed so hard since Laurel and Hardy teamed up with the Three Stooges!” Carlos, participant of LY intro at a Clark College Mind/Body Health class.

“That was the best class my husband has ever been to since his Parkinson’s diagnosis. His face has been kind of frozen and she did a lot of face exercises and his face was so relaxed, it was such a transformation I couldn’t believe I was looking at him. She was WONDERFUL. Wonderful, wonderful.” Mrs. Piazza, wife of a participant


Contact: Laura Lou Pape-McCarthy

Phone: (971)340-8979

Email: LL@1laughatatimeonline.com

Website: www.1laughatatimeonline.com

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