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ElderAudience was inspired by the need for one central place in the Portland, Oregon area for senior living facilities to find the myriad talented people and exciting places available to serve a senior audience.

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“I just wanted to thank you for your email updates. I love elderaudience.com and have booked several awesome entertainers because of your website!” Shirley A., Lebanon Senior Center

Latest News

**7-28-15–“RELIVING RADIO” PRESENTER DICK KARMAN travels WIDELY, garnering TONS of praise for his programs about old time radio–they include a collection of antique radios, clips of old radio drama,comedy, news, etc., along with sheets of radio “trivia”. Projected images of the radio performers and other memories of the time accompany the audio to bring back the magic of a bygone era. Invite DICK KARMAN to bring “Reliving Radio-The Way Radio Was” to you. http://www.elderaudience.com/reliving-radio-with-dick-karman/

**7-28-15–He delights audiences all over the world! LEAPIN’ LOUIE LICHTENSTEIN has presented his Old-fashioned Comedy Variety Shows in more than 28 countries! You’ll see fancy lasso work, juggling, high unicycle, comedy and there’s plenty of audience participation. Louie (aka David Lichtenstein) wants you to know that he has special lower pricing for senior facilities. Learn more: http://www.elderaudience.com/leapin-louie-comedy-variety-shows/

**7-28-15–Invite Peruvian dancer and percussionist LUCIANA PROANO to entertain you, in gorgeous handmade costumes. She ALSO leads senior YOGA and movement classes. Check out BOTH her listings and invite her to your facility for a performance OR a class! http://www.elderaudience.com/luciana-proano-peruvian-performer/

**7-28-15–When you plan an outing, consider enjoying a meal at a SENIOR-FRIENDLY RESTAURANT listed on ElderAudience: http://www.elderaudience.com/category/senior-friendly-restaurants/

**7-28-15–The SEYMOUR BAKER BAND “surely helped make our event a success!” wrote Lisa, Life Enrichment Director at The Springs Living in Lake Oswego. This duo performs tunes from the 30’s onward, including many from the 60’s and 70’s–songs from James Taylor, Paul Simon, The Beatles, The Eagles, Bob Dylan, Jim Croce and others. Also, old hymns and more contemporary church music. Check out the SEYMOUR BAKER BAND‘S version of “Bye Bye Love”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQ5S5qTeqyU&feature=youtu.be  Invite them to put on a show for you. They travel! http://www.elderaudience.com/seymour-baker-band/

**7-28-15–I’d like to draw your attention to a new sidebar ad! (These are the picture ads on the right side of each page of the ElderAudience site, above the category listings). PORTLAND TAP CONNECTION is now prominently displayed in a sidebar ad in red costumes and white straw hats! They bring you “the glitter of sequins and sparkle” with Broadway Jazz;Golden Oldies;Latin Rhythms; Country Stompin’; Patriotic Pride; Seasonal Serenades; and Giggles and Gags. Have them bring their tap dancing to you! http://www.elderaudience.com/the-portland-tapconnection/

**7-28-15–DR. ROY TORLEY, “GENTLEMAN SCIENTIST” gets terrific reviews for his varied PowerPoint presentations on Oregon Geology; Volcanoes; Crystals; Wind Energy Technology; Clouds; Oceans; Halos and Rainbows; Northern Lights; and Orchids! He has an extensive science background in the study of volcanoes, Oregon geology and geophysics.  Invite him for a program.   http://www.elderaudience.com/roy-torley-gentleman-scientist/

**7-28-15–She has a compelling story to tell!  As a young woman, Author ANGELICA “ANGEL” PILATO was the manager of an Air Force officers’ club in Thailand during the Vietnam War. Her engaging memoir, titled “Angel’s Truck Stop”, reveals a woman’s struggle to fit into a man’s world–The young Captain Pilato was warned her assignment was in a war zone “unfit for a woman.”  The book has been described as hilarious and at times, heart-wrenching. Invite ANGELICA PILATO to speak about those days. Might be fitting for a Veteran’s Day event (November 11); to mark International Women’s Day (March 8) or Women’s History Month (March). Learn more http://www.elderaudience.com/angelica-angelpilato/

**7-28-15–This topic seems timely, in light of recent news about the Northwest being quite “earthquake-prone”…Have you seen SIG UNANDER’S new presentation on “The Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906″? SIG is a very popular Author, Filmmaker and Speaker who uses compelling archival photographs taken during and after the disaster and dramatic narratives of firefighters and soldiers who battled the fires, and ordinary citizens who lived through it. The program is about one hour and includes a Q & A session. Invite SIG UNANDER to give this presentation, or one of the OTHERS mentioned in his listing. http://www.elderaudience.com/sig-unander-speaker/

**7-28-15–Recently received news of a program coming to Portland and Eugene senior facilities this month that may be of interest! It is called “LET’S DANCE”–a session of fun music and gentle movement for residents at senior facilities. EVERYONE is included to move with the music, provided by an unusual instrument, the Hang PANArt. Fees for “LET’S DANCE” are on a sliding scale so that all income levels can afford it. Hollis Taylor and Bright Hawk bring “LET’S DANCE” to PORTLAND AUG 4-14 and EUGENE from AUG 16-21. Learn more at http://www.letsdanceactivities.com (717)421-0316

**7-28-15–Book a MAGICIAN! There are several listed on ElderAudience. http://www.elderaudience.com/category/magicians/

**7-28-15–If you love COUNTRY & WESTERN, BLUES, and old FOLK CLASSICS then check out GREG GARRISON! He can stroll through the room or stay put, adds background vocal and instrumental accompaniment to produce a fuller sound, AND he takes requests! One activity director wrote: “…His personality and sense of humor are part of his charm…” Be sure to listen to GREG GARRISON‘s music samples at his listing, then contact him for a program. http://www.elderaudience.com/greg-garrison-singersongwriter/

**7-28-15–ElderAudience listed DAVID RUTIEZER wants you to know that he will be leading a public tour of the Oregon Holocaust Memorial on Sunday, August 2 at 1 pm. The memorial will have “Ask Me” docents to answer questions and talk about the memorial from 12 noon until 3 pm, and David will lead a tour from 1 until around 2 pm. This is volunteer work he’s been doing since 2009, and it’s very meaningful to him. The Memorial is located in Portland’s Washington Park, near the Reservoir. http://www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/finder/index.cfm?action=ViewPark&PropertyID=1330 NOTE: IF TEMP RISES TO 95 degrees, tour will be cancelled. **Please check out DAVID RUTIEZER‘S listing. He is certified in geriatric wellness, and leads song and dance variety show programs at senior facilities–different show every month! Great for MEMORY CARE residents too. http://www.elderaudience.com/the-david-show/

**7-28-15–Mentioning them again…The MINIDOKA SWING BAND are VOLUNTEERS, comprised of 17 local musicians and 4 outstanding vocalists–This not-for-profit band is named after the Minidoka Internment Camp near Twin Falls, ID where Japanese Americans from the Portland and Seattle area were interned during WWII. **Three of their musicians were former camp internees and several had family members interned. INVITE them to your facility or event, to bring music that was popular inside the camps and during WWII–favorite BIG BAND SWING TUNES of the 40’s, and other great tunes from the 30’s-60’s. “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”, “My Funny Valentine”, “Blue Moon”, “All of Me”, “You Came A Long Way from St. Louis”, “Theme from New York, New York” and many more. MINIDOKA SWING BAND are VOLUNTEERS–NO CHARGE, BUT DONATIONS GREATLY APPRECIATED! Check out music samples at their listing too! AVAILABLE EVES AND WEEKENDS ONLY, in the PORTLAND/VANCOUVER AREA More info: http://www.elderaudience.com/minidoka-swing-band/

**7-28-15–DAVE SUING gives presentations on the HISTORY OF SPACE that gain high praise! Learn about the beginning of N.A.S.A., the Apollo Moon Missions and various astronauts, and play a fun “space trivia” quiz. Plus,watch a short dvd with video of moonwalks. DAVE SUING Travels WIDELY! http://www.elderaudience.com/dave-suing-history-of-space/

**7-28-15–MEG GRAF offers to take you on a “sentimental journey”! She plays multiple instruments, including Celtic Harp, Piano, and Accordion. Multiple styles; Solo or can team up with other musicians; Bedside Celtic Harp music…Based in Eugene, but she does travel! Peter M. at Cascade Manor in Eugene calls MEG GRAF “a true diamond who will go out of her way to make the seniors happy…classical piano, ragtime, or anything in between…” Be sure to click on MEG’S delightful music samples at her listing and invite her to perform: http://www.elderaudience.com/meg-graf/

**7-27-15–Sure to perk things up! Ask the PORTLAND SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCERS to visit in colorful kilts and tartans, and demonstrate some lively jigs and reels, and stately strathspeys. Check out a sample dance here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9dK5eeSmU4  Learn more:  http://www.elderaudience.com/portland-scottish-country-dancers/

**7-27-15–Have you had a chance to listen to this marvelous sample from EMMY HOROWITZ?  https://soundcloud.com/emmysings4u/they-cant-take-that-away-from-me EMMY sings 60’s CLASSICS and JAZZ STANDARDS–tunes made famous by Dusty Springfield, Dionne Warwick, Frankie Valli, The Supremes, The Shirelles and others. She has a fascinating biography, including a background as a massage therapist with lots of experience serving seniors. Chris, Life Enrichment Director at Whitewood Gardens wrote: “EMMY is tops!” Read more about EMMY HOROWITZ and invite her for a program! http://www.elderaudience.com/emmy-horowitz-sings/

**7-27-15–Just thinking about this makes me smile…“Vaudeville” style performer MITCH HIDER is ALSO a CHAMPIONSHIP WHISTLER and Historian of Whistling. He was the 1982 Whistling Competition Grand Champion and is in the National Whistlers Hall of Fame! MITCH SINGS, YODELS and “scats”; his repertoire includes standards, jazz, show tunes, sacred,western, novelty, and international music.  PLUS, he presents opera parody, a humorous magic show, and plays ukulele, harmonica, drums and other novelty instruments. He uses a table of hats and props. He once whistled with “Bertha the Harmonica-Playing Elephant”! MITCH is based in Eugene but Travels WIDELY! http://www.elderaudience.com/mitch-hider-whistler/

**7-27-15–REMINDER about FREE MUSIC IN THE PARK! The PROVIDENCE HOSPITAL STAGE BAND invites you to a FREE concert on SUNDAY, AUGUST 16 at 6pm, at Portland’s Laurelhurst Park, 3756 SE Oak st. ***ALSO, request the PROVIDENCE HOSPITAL STAGE BAND to play at YOUR facility. Hear the sounds of the Big Bands from the 40’s along with music from the 60’s, 70’s and more. This non-profit band gratefully accepts donations, but there is NO SET CHARGE. Check out their listing and be sure to listen to the music sample too: http://www.elderaudience.com/providence-hospital-stage-band/

**7-27-15–REMINDER to check out the recently added listing for STORYTELLER NORM BRECKE! Norm is a spirited storyteller who revels in telling a good story, accompanied by songs, plus BANJO, GUITAR, UKULELE and even MOUTH HARP. This longtime teacher enjoys performing for senior audiences, crafting programs around topics that entertain and interest them: Popular History, Folklore, Biographical stories with humor and heart, and Folktales.  A few of Norm’s programs include: “Good Old Summer Time”; “Labor Day”; “Baseball Stories”; and “Harvest Moon”. NORM is available to TRAVEL too. Read more about him: http://www.elderaudience.com/norm-brecke-storyteller-plus-music/

**7-27-15–Still time to WIN 2 FREE TICKETS! Next CONTEST DRAWING on ElderAudience is for 2 FREE TICKETS to New Century Players of Milwaukie production of “Play On!”, a hilarious and heartwarming comedy about a small community theatre company trying to stay afloat financially which leads them to choose a royalty-free script from a local playwright. However, the playwright is making changes right up through opening night. This, combined with short tempers and unusual personalities in the cast lead to a humorous opening night. “Play On!” runs September 12-27, with evening shows at 7:30pm and Sunday matinees at 2pm. Location: Rex Putnam Black Box Theater, 4950 SE Roethe Rd in Milwaukie. ENTER TO WIN 2 FREE TICKETS TO PERFORMANCE OF YOUR CHOICE by sending your name to me at pam@elderaudience.com by the Deadline of  TUESDAY, AUGUST 4.  **Please type “CONTEST” in the subject line.  I will notify the winner and arrange for you to select show dates and pick up tickets. More info on NEW CENTURY PLAYERS http://www.elderaudience.com/new-century-players/

**7-27-15–ANOTHER NEW LISTING! I am pleased to let you know that TOM WAYNE has become listed on ElderAudience. TOM is a Singer, Vocal Impressionist and entertainer with LOADS of experience. He has worked with major artists and celebrities over the last 60 years, all over the country. His songs span the 50’s through the 80’s and include music made famous by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole,The Platters,The Righteous Brothers,Ray Price,Smokey Robinson,Lionel Richie and many many others. You’ll hear Standards, Rock, Country, Motown, R & B, and Jazz. TOM is a master of vocal impressions (and tells stories to go along with the impressions), and he takes requests too! TOM WAYNE is available to travel widely. Check out this short video sample of him performing in Las Vegas: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Hph2IRImTE8 Learn more about TOM WAYNE and contact him for a program! http://www.elderaudience.com/tom-wayne-singer-entertainer/

**7-22-15-–Bring in a FIDDLE AND GUITAR Duo! The ROBERT RICHTER DUO travels WIDELY, with SINGING, FIDDLE and GUITAR. They play Folk, Blues, Celtic and lots of seasonal music. Plus, they tell stories and encourage audience participation. Think of them for birthdays, anniversaries, and family celebrations in addition to senior facility entertainment. Be sure to click on some of the great music samples at ROBERT RICHTER DUO‘s listing! http://www.elderaudience.com/robert-richter-duo/

**7-22-15–Folk and Rock musician GARY ROBERTS says  “My goal is audience involvement; everyone has a ball!” GARY spent many years playing clubs in Chicago. He sings and plays acoustic guitar along with pre-recorded band and orchestral tracks. Hear Classic Standards and Country music, in addition to Folk and Rock, including songs made famous by SINATRA, ELVIS PRESLEY, TONY BENNETT, RAY CHARLES, JOHNNY CASH, THE BEATLES, PETER,PAUL & MARY, and others. Be sure to check out some of the song titles in his listing. GARY ROBERTS travels throughout Portland/Vancouver and the Mid-Willamette Valley area. http://www.elderaudience.com/the-gary-roberts-show/

**7-22-15–CHIHUAHUA DESERT is a band that plays lively “Fiesta” and traditional Country Western Music!  Be sure to read the MANY great reviews at their listing, and check out their performance samples. CHIHUAHUA DESERT travels widely, too! http://www.elderaudience.com/chihuahua-desert/

**7-22-15–Arts & Crafts instructors TOM MCCARLEY and JANE NASH have SO much to offer! Their “FUN WITH TOM & JANE” Arts and Crafts Activities sessions can include ceramics, drawing and painting, weaving, jewelry making, wire sculpture and even lectures on art history! These are highly experienced and accomplished artists and teachers, who work with every level of artist–and they get splendid reviews. Think of them for art projects centered on holidays or other celebrations, too. Learn more: http://www.elderaudience.com/fun-with-tom-and-jane/

**7-22-15–Historical presenters MARY and MIKE HUTCHENS are enormously popular for their portrayals of Portland’s Mrs. Georgiana Pittock (of the Pittock Mansion) and her Chauffeur, Mr. Hawkinson! They give their program in full period costume. They are available to TRAVEL too! http://www.elderaudience.com/mary-hutchens-georgiana-pittock/

**7-22-15–ANOTHER NEW LISTING! Announcing a new listing for the STANDARD TIME JAZZ DUO! Professional vocalists Judy Malings & Brian Hart (who also plays piano) team up to provide you with “classy and elegant jazz”–Standards from the 1930’s to today. They bring their own high quality sound system, and offer a HUGE repertoire of familiar, well loved songs. Be sure to click on the song samples at their website. Read more about STANDARD TIME JAZZ DUO and invite them to perform: http://www.elderaudience.com/standard-time-jazz-duo/

**7-22-15–Randi G. from Redwood Heights Assisted Living has words of praise for Magician DAN BURNS aka DAN THE MAGIC MAN“Our residents absolutely loved Dan’s Magic Show! They are still raving about him and his rabbit he made magically appear at the end of his show. He is very involved with his audience with his magic tricks, having them participate with almost everything that he does. Dan has a great personality and is good at getting people upbeat for the show!” Invite DAN BURNS to bring his Magic Show to you. He TRAVELS! http://www.elderaudience.com/dan-the-magic-man/

**7-22-15-–“Rock to the Oldies” in a Singalong and Karaoke session with JILL HEARING! JILL was a nurse for 35 years who decided “when I grow up I want to be a musician.” Her music spans tunes from the 20’s through the 60’s. Laura E., Executive Director at Homewoods on the Willamette wrote. “…(Jill) draws quite a crowd and has a lot of devoted, repeat attenders. Jill’s presence is supportive and fun without being overpowering. She has a lot of energy and knows how to draw people in by encouraging them. This is a no-fail activity with many positive benefits the biggest of which is community building.” Read more: JILL HEARING http://www.elderaudience.com/jill-hearing-rock-to-the-oldies/

**7-22-15–Lexington House senior facility in Vancouver invites you to attend a FREE DANCE event on THURSDAY, SEPT 17 from 2-4pm. Address is 2610 SE 164th ave in Vancouver. More info from Dee at (360)254-7733.

**7-22-15–When was the last time nationally acclaimed Storyteller ANNE RUTHERFORD brought at program to you? She keeps winning prizes for her stories (with songs), that are suited to all sorts of different occasions! Read about ANNE RUTHERFORD and invite her to your facility: http://www.elderaudience.com/anne-rutherford-storyteller-and-songs/

**7-22-15–NEW LISTING!! I am very pleased to let you know about the newly listed LEIKARRINGEN SCANDINAVIAN DANCERS! This is a troupe of children in several age groups who perform dances from Nordic countries, such as the “Shoemaker Dance”, the Vava Vadmal (a “Weave” dance from Sweden), and Rorospols from Norway. LEIKARRINGEN DANCERS are available for just a *FEW* engagements at senior facilities in Portland Metro area, mostly on Tuesday evenings and weekend afternoons. No charge, but donations cheerfully accepted. Read about them: http://www.elderaudience.com/leikarringen-scandinavian-dancers/

**7-22-15-Attend OREGON PRO ARTE‘s summertime concert, “Summer Bon-Bons”, an all-strings event with Concert Host Edmund Stone of All Classical 89.9 and Dr. Jeffrey Specht, Artistic Director and Conductor, on SATURDAY, AUG 8 at 7:30pm, at Reed College’s Kaul Auditorium, 3202 SE Woodstock in Portland. Program includes works by Telemann, Elgar, Tchaikovsky and others, plus some fun summertime Americana!  Senior Tickets $10 at the door or online at www.oregonproarte.org/tickets/ 

**7-22-15–Want to see some great theatre for free and help out? NEW CENTURY PLAYERS of Milwaukie is looking for volunteers to work the box office for the 2015/2016 season (September through April). Volunteers may commit to one or more performances, the run of a show, or the season. Tasks may include selling tickets, checking in patrons,managing ushers, and using the Arts People ticketing service for credit card purchases. Training and moral support will be provided. No experience necessary! If you are interested in helping out in the box office at even one performance, please contact Elisabeth at newcenturyplayersnews@gmail.com or call (503)927-4325.

**7-22-15–Thanks to Janice M. at Mary’s Woods for passing along this news: Attend ARTBURST NW, a celebration of Fine Arts and Crafts at Marylhurst University on Highway 43 just south of Lake Oswego, on SAT AUG 1 from 10-6 and SUN AUG 2 from 10-5. Janice tells me 15 Mary’s Woods residents are participating in this show! FREE ADMISSION! Gourmet food available and free onsite parking. Learn more: http://www.artburstnw.org

**7-22-15–REMINDER! FREE DAY at the World Forestry Center’s DISCOVERY MUSEUM on SATURDAY, AUGUST 15 from 10 am-4pm! More info at http://www.worldforestry.org

**7-22-15–Need to hear some more laughter?? CERTIFIED LAUGHTER YOGA leader LAURA LOU PAPE-MCCARTHY brings a background in theatre and circus clowning to Laughter Yoga sessions, which cultivate playfulness and joy while increasing oxygen to the brain, and heightening body awareness. Invite her to get some laughter going with one of her programs, OR have her lead TAI CHI BASICS and CHAIR YOGA at your facility. LAURA LOU gets great reviews! http://www.elderaudience.com/laughter-yoga-tai-chi-laura-lou/

**7-22-15–REMINDER! Make sure to take advantage of SAVINGS for GROUPS to see the some of the best theatre in town! PORTLAND CENTER STAGE offers GROUPS OF 10 OR MORE 20% OFF the price of adult tickets for any PCS performance; Save 30% if you book by August 31! Every 11th ticket is FREE (applied to the lowest priced ticket in your order). No fees! FREE bonus tickets for group leaders when you book 2+ shows. Learn more at http://www.elderaudience.com/portland-center-stage-gerding-theater-at-the-armory/ 

**7-22-15–Do you or your colleagues want to receive updates about newly listed entertainers, or events in the community of interest to seniors? Sometimes I am able to pass along special discounts, offers of free tickets, and occasionally I hold contest for free entertainment by an ElderAudience listed performer or other prizes. I try to send out my updates on a weekly basis. Just drop me a line at pam@elderaudience.com with your name and the name and address of your facility, and I’ll be glad to add you to my database!

**7-22-15–THE WESTERNAIRES, a Womens Line Dancing Troupe, has dates available this summer and into the fall for them to bring their program to your facility. Get a taste of *Western*, *Cha Cha*, *Roaring Twenties*, *Conga*, *Waltz* dancing plus *humor*! Read about THE WESTERNAIRES http://www.elderaudience.com/westernaires/  

**7-22-15–Visit PHILIP FOSTER FARM, a National Historic Site on the Oregon Trail, in Estacada! TAKE A TOUR (by appointment); visit on your own; OR, plan to attend “Pioneer History Day” on SAT AUGUST 15 from 11-4. Read more about PHILIP FOSTER FARM: http://www.elderaudience.com/philip-foster-farm-national-historic-site/

**7-22-15–REMINDER! 2 FREE CONCERTS you might want to attend…PORTLAND WIND SYMPHONY presents its summer concert SUNDAY, JULY 26 at 6:30pm, in the Lajos Balogh performance shell at Marylhurst University, 17600 Pacific Highway (Highway 43) south of Lake Oswego. Guest Conductor Pat Vandehey leads the ensemble in a variety of music ranging from The Carnival of Venice to San Antonio Dances by Frank Ticheli. The outdoor venue is picnic friendly, bring your lawn chairs and blankets to sit on. Campus map link: http://www.marylhurst.edu/about-marylhurst/contact/campus-map.html AND A SECOND FREE CONCERT BY PORTLAND WIND SYMPHONY is SUNDAY, AUGUST 2 at 6pm at downtown Portland’s Director Park, at 815 SW Park avenue. Program will feature works by Shostakovich​​, Sousa, ​​​​​​​Rossini and others. More info at http://www.pcws.org

**7-22-15–PROVIDENCE HOSPITAL STAGE BAND wants you to know that they are available to bring their “Sound of the 40’s” concerts to some senior facilities beginning in September! PROVIDENCE HOSPITAL STAGE BAND is non-profit and has no fee schedule, but they gratefully accept donations that they use to buy music. Learn more! http://www.elderaudience.com/providence-hospital-stage-band/

**7-12-15–If you are in Washington County or Portland’s West side, invite JOE SZABO, “The Accordion Man” to play! JOE is a STROLLING ACCORDIONIST who both plays and SINGS a wide variety of songs–Italian (“That’s Amore”, “O Solo Mio”, “Arrivederchi Roma”), Irish/Celtic (“Danny Boy”, “My Wild Irish Rose”), German, Love Songs, Movies & Musicals,Patriotic, Western, Luau, Oktoberfest, other Holidays, etc. He comes in COSTUME to suit the occasion. **Ask JOE about his SINGING TELEGRAM Service! Learn more about him, and check out his video sample:

**7-12-15–Like Broadway melodies? Enjoy the Flute? LAILA MURPHY is a professional singer of BROADWAY FAVORITES, plus she also plays CLASSICAL FLUTE and piano. Hear her program of uplifting songs like “Some Enchanted Evening” from South Pacific, “Climb Every Mountain” and “The Sound of Music” from The Sound of Music, “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess,“Memory” from CATS and “Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man” from Showboat. Her FLUTE repertoire includes music by Bach, Handel,Gershwin and others. LAILA has had lead roles in musical theatre around town, she’s lively and interactive, and audiences love her. Check out the music samples at her listing! http://www.elderaudience.com/laila-murphy-singer-and-flute/

**7-12-15–DJ and PARTY HOST CHAD HAMILTON wants you to know he is available for your events! He is a former RADIO DJ (for KGON, KISN and local night clubs) who can spin a HUGE repertoire of music including Oldies, Country, and Top-40 tunes. he brings his own lighting and equipment, and he is willing to travel. Jessie at Marquis Centennial wrote “Chad Hamilton DJ’d our Halloween party at Centennial and made it a huge success! He brought all his own sound and lighting equipment, set up promptly, and gave us a great show! The music was spot on for our theme and he really interacted with the audience, which was a mix of all ages! I would highly recommend him to DJ your parties!” Learn more: http://www.elderaudience.com/chad-hamilton-dj-and-emcee/

**7-12-15–WILL SPILLETTE, who provides “One Man Band” entertainment, has gotten several lovely reviews, but the comments from Colleen at Whitewood Gardens really struck home. She wrote, in part “…what impressed me most is his understanding of, and compassion for, senior audiences, rooted in his memory care background. His show was upbeat and positive, but he thinks of the serious and meaningful as well. When I mentioned the idea of performing songs to honor our resident veterans, I learned he already has a song list for just such an occasion. He is welcome back any time.” WILL is a former program coordinator for an Alzheimers/dementia facility who sings songs from the 20’s-40’s, along with Country, jazz, Folk, HOLIDAY songs, early Rock tunes, and HYMNS! Invite him to entertain. http://www.elderaudience.com/william-spillette-one-man-band/

**7-12-15–Plan to see some GREAT community theatre at NEW CENTURY PLAYERS in Milwaukie! Here is their next season lineup: “Play On!”, a comedy by Rick Abbot runs September 12-27; “Glorious! The True Story of Florence Foster Jenkins, the Worst Singer in the World” a hilarious and heart-warming comedy by Peter Quilter runs January 8-24, 2016; and Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” presented in collaboration with Rex Putnam High School and directed by Michael Mendelson, Founding Director of Portland Shakespeare Project (and fabulous local actor), runs April 15-24, 2016. See their website for exact schedule. Evening shows at 7:30pm and some 2pm matinees. WHERE: Rex Putnam Blackbox theater (Romeo and Juliet on the Main Stage), 4950 SE Roethe Rd in Milawukie. Senior tickets $12, available online at http://www.NewCenturyPlayers.org

**7-12-15–How fun! Julie K. at Providence ElderPlace called “MUSIC MAN” BRUCE UNDERWOOD a “One Man Party”. BRUCE is a longtime pop singer (he also worked as an Activities Assistant in the ’80’s) whose programs range from “Top 40″, Rock, Country, Ballroom and Motown to Holiday music for St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, July 4th, and Christmas. He uses backing tracks and KARAOKE to entertain at senior facilities in Portland and Mid-Willamette Valley. BRUCE *also* plays a very new instrument called the Handpan, which has been in existence for under twenty years. At his listing, BRUCE shows a LOT of song titles (just a sampling) of familiar music in his repertoire. His schedule is flexible too! Invite BRUCE UNDERWOOD to entertain you: http://www.elderaudience.com/music-man-bruce-underwood/

**7-12-15–REEDVILLE CAFE in Hillsboro has been family owned and operated since 1950! They serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner every day, with an extensive menu and handmade desserts (dessert chef learned her craft at Papa Haydn’s in Portland)! They offer a Senior Discount on any entree all day Wednesday. Check out REEDVILLE CAFE, locate at 7575 SE Tualatin Valley Highway in Hillsboro: http://www.elderaudience.com/reedville-cafe/

**7-12-15–CURTIS COOPER‘s musical journey began when he was 11, playing with the drum and bugle corps! He has performed and taught percussion and drums, as well as guitar. He is a licensed school teacher who ALSO holds an Oregon Activity Director certificate. Invite CURTIS for a program of singing and guitar, with music spanning COUNTRY, GOSPEL, ROCK and ROLL, JAZZ from the 40’s-70’s, PATRIOTIC and HOLIDAY tunes–music made famous by Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roger Miller, Patsy Cline, and others. *Be sure to check out the many song titles at his listing. He TRAVELS WIDELY and his schedule is flexible. http://www.elderaudience.com/curtis-cooper-singer-and-guitar/

**7-12-15–Board Certified Music Therapist LISA PETERSON is described as having “an infectious smile, a warm heart, boundless energy, and filled with positive vibes!…” LISA gets NUMEROUS glowing reviews for her programs that combine accordion or piano with group music making–participants sing, listen, play instruments and even dance to familiar singalong tunes from the 20’s-50’s, hymns, patriotic and folk songs. Read all about LISA PETERSON and have her bring a program to you. http://www.elderaudience.com/connections-music-therapy-lisa-peterson/

**7-12-15–REMINDER! Put on your dancing shoes for this upcoming SWING STREET DANCE event: WEDNESDAY, JULY 29 from 12:45-3pm, dance to SWING STREET DIXIELAND BAND at the Oregon City Pioneer Community Center, 615 5th Street (between John Adams and Washington) in Oregon City. $5 admission. More info: http://www.swingst.com

**7-12-15–For your next TEATIME…invite SUSAN PATTERSON! She is a published POET who reads her poetry (“thoughtful, uplifting and easy to understand”) and gives talks on the HISTORY AND BREWING OF TEA. SUSAN is a weekly guest on a podcast-radio show from England. Read the lovely comments on her work. http://www.elderaudience.com/susan-patterson/

**7-12-15–Enjoy Gospel Music? The HIGHLY praised 1SPIRIT GOSPEL TRIO travels WIDELY, making fans wherever they go. Check out this sample of the song “When He Speaks” to see why: http://youtu.be/e_1wAyNwxSQ Book them for your facility or event http://www.elderaudience.com/1spirit-southern-gospel-music/ 

**7-12-15–The TRUMPET and PIANO Duo called SWING SENSATION plays music from the Great American Songbook, Big Band hits, Standards, 50’s & 60’s tunes, Jazz, Country, Holiday songs and more!  They can shape their program to suit your theme. Available weekdays after 3:30, as well as evenings and weekends. Listen to some of their samples:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H00js_k2H10  and
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EFJmZWCpEc Read about SWING SENSATION and invite them to play! http://www.elderaudience.com/swing-sensation-trumpet-andpiano-duo/

**7-12-15–There’s a highly talented specialist in BRAZILIAN and CLASSICAL GUITAR listed on ElderAudience–ALLEN MATHEWS teaches at the college and high school level as well as in his private studio. He has lived, studied and performed in Rio de Janeiro,  and played throughout the US and internationally! In programs at senior facilities ALLEN enjoys interacting with the audience and discussing the background of composers and the music he plays. Learn more: http://www.elderaudience.com/allen-mathews-classical-guitarist/

**7-12-15–Have the SKYLARK TAPPERS danced for you? They are a highly accomplished adult tap dance company with a repertoire of both classic and contemporary styles–Musical Theatre, Traditional Tap,Big Band, African, Swing, and Comedy pieces. They are available to dance at Portland/Vancouver area senior facilities EVES and WEEKENDS only. Learn more: http://www.elderaudience.com/the-skylark-tappers/

**7-12-15–MARY KNIGHT takes you on trips to Europe without leaving home! She presents “Armchair Travel” sessions of countries she has visited over the years, with colorful slides, accompanied by a bit of history and entertaining anecdotes. See presentations on Germany, France England, Austria, Scotland, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, as well as the city of Venice, Castles and Palaces, and Gardens. MARY has a background in advertising, public relations, freelance writing and public speaking, and she is pleased to bring her programs to your facility for NO CHARGE! **Available on Portland’s West Side, Beaverton and Tigard. (Please provide a microphone) http://www.elderaudience.com/armchair-travel-with-mary-knight/ 

**7-12-15–Take a fun, relaxing Country outing to the MARKETPLACE AT RAINDANCE RANCH!  In addition to local food, art, gifts, holiday items and llama yarn, they provide a covered picnic area. Their friendly LLAMAS are always ready to be fed! Wheelchair and Walker accessible, too. Read the lovely reviews! http://www.elderaudience.com/rain-dance-marketplace-in-newberg/

**7-12-15–Invite Folklorist and Troubadour Musician “ILLINOIS” DOUG TRACY  (Banjo and Guitar) to perform. He travels WIDELY, sharing historic songs and stories from the era of Abe Lincoln! Listen to this sample song of his, “Three Cheers for Abe n Andy” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LlNlhXnjuU Read more about “ILLINOIS” DOUG TRACY  http://www.elderaudience.com/illinois-doug-tracy/ 

**7-12-15–Just received this nice review for the MELLOW TONES singing duo, from Connie who chairs the Arts and Entertainment Committee at Rose Schnitzer Tower in Portland…“The Mellow Tones offered us music of our generation and a sing-along with a “sing-or-no-dessert” teasing. They were a fun couple which drew a sizable attendance, and all enjoyed listening and singing with the couple. We’d like them to come back again.” Invite the MELLOW TONES to perform for you: http://www.elderaudience.com/the-mellow-tones-singing-duo/

**7-6-15–KEIKO TWISS plays the KOTO–a traditional Japanese stringed instrument that produces relaxing, soothing sounds. KEIKO plays a variety of music on the KOTO and shares information about this instrument and its history with listeners! Read about KEIKO TWISS: http://www.elderaudience.com/keiko-twiss-on-koto/

**7-6-15–The UPTOWNERS call themselves the “GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK DUO” . Listen to this sample of their music! http://carrierambo.com/audio/CarrieBill_demo_mstrd.wav  Vocalist CARRIE RAMBO sings favorite American popular tunes from the 1920’s through the 1960’s accompanied by JAZZ PIANO player BILL FRENCH. They have a HUGE repertoire of familiar songs–be sure to see the titles mentioned in their listing–many of them originated on the musical theater stage that became great jazz standards…music by the great Rogers & Hart, Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald,Frank Sinatra, and swing-era favorites of the 1940s and more! The UPTOWNERS TRAVEL WIDELY and have flexible schedules. Read more

**7-6-15–“POP MUSIC HISTORIAN AND DJ” JIM PRITCHARD shares stories of celebrities and pop music from his days as a radio DJ. AND he can also be a DJ for your event, bringing you a vast amount of music “of yesteryear”. JIM has a booming voice and great sense of humor. Read the glowing testimonial in his listing, then contact him! He TRAVELS WIDELY! http://www.elderaudience.com/jim-pritchard-pop-music-historian-and-dj/

**7-6-15–CELTIC TRILL is a HIGHLY PRAISED Flute and Harp Duo that travels to senior facilities throughout the Portland/Vancouver area as well as Newberg, Mt Angel, and Troutdale.  Listen to this sample: http://www.youtube.com/watch?y=OIkyDZu4VJs&sns=em  Invite CELTIC TRILL to play for you! http://www.elderaudience.com/celtic-trill-flute-and-harp-duo/ 

**7-4-15–OREGON OLD TIME FIDDLERS play “the music grandpa and grandma used to listen and dance to” –toe tappin’ fiddle music, WHEREVER you are in the Northwest! Contact them for a program at your facility or event: http://www.elderaudience.com/oregon-oldtime-fiddlers/

**7-4-15–CRAIG BROWN is a widely experienced DJ and PARTY HOST who provides Props and Costumes, and can involve Residents and Staff with fun music, line dances and table activities! He’ll also lead game shows and karaoke and will work with your theme. He’s great for anniversaries, birthdays, and New Years. PLUS, he rents Juke Boxes and even Photo Booths! CRAIG travels WIDELY throughout the Northwest. http://www.elderaudience.com/highfidelity-entertainment-craig-brown/ 

**7-4-15–No matter what the occasion, ACCORDIONIST ELIZABETH WISLER has accordion music for you. With her Roland FR8X ACCORDION she produces a “One Woman Band” sound (with voices, instruments and drums), bringing you Italian,French, Spanish, Latin, German, Greek, Jazz Standards, popular 20’s to 40’s tunes, light classical as well as HOLIDAY fare. Be sure to click on some of the many musical samples at her listing. ELIZABETH WISLER travels WIDELY! http://www.elderaudience.com/elizabeth-wisler-music-around-the-world/

**7-4-15–Take a little break and recharge your batteries with this upbeat sample of “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?” from singer BARBARA CECIL! http://youtu.be/cHbMN15NAPU BARBARA is the lead female singer in the well known local band, Johnny Limbo and The Lugnuts. She loves performing solo for senior audiences, especially 50’s, 60’s and Country Music, which earn her STELLAR reviews–she sings songs made famous by Patsy Cline, Linda Ronstadt, Connie Francis, The Righteous Brothers, The Supremes and many,many others. Read more about BARBARA CECILhttp://www.elderaudience.com/barbara-cecil/

**7-4-15–RICHARD THOMPSON presents “TROLLEY TALKS”–fascinating illustrated presentations on PORTLAND STREETCARS History. He gets great testimonials for these programs and he is available in the Portland/Vancouver area as well as Mid-Willamette Valley. Read about him: http://www.elderaudience.com/trolley-talks-with-richard-thompson/

**7-4-15–Have you heard about JUDITH “SPARKY” ROBERTS? She presents SPARKY SHOWSVariety shows with Novelty acts, puppets, poetry, songs and monologues. Her unique FOOT PUPPET act was performed on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, featured in international magazines and on Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not! She ALSO conducts fun IMPROV PLAYSHOPS, with no lines to remember! PLUS, she presents “BEHIND THE MASK” talks about Shakespeare or aspects of Theatre. JUDITH “SPARKY” ROBERTS is based in Lane County, but she will travel (expenses may apply). Read about her: http://www.elderaudience.com/judith-sparky-roberts-sparkyshows/

**7-4-15–I’ve added a new pic to the listing for KIM AND TERRY CAMPBELL, the well loved Duo who offer a musical program that includes Western, Country, Love Songs, Patriotic, 50’s “Sock Hop”, and Holidays tunes PLUS plenty of HUMOR. You really can’t go wrong with them: http://www.elderaudience.com/kim-n-terrys-musical-show/

**7-4-15–Book the distinctively named BAD MOTOR SCOOTER 7.0, a ROCK N’ ROLL BAND who target their sound to “Boomers” and others who love rock music from the 50’s and beyond. Some of the familiar songs they perform Brown Eyed Girl; Johnny B Good; Pretty Woman; Suzie-Q; Sweet Home Alabama; Hard Day’s Night; Margaritaville; and Stand by Me. Check them out! http://www.elderaudience.com/bad-motor-scooter-rock-n-roll-band/

**7-4-15–“…You really lit everyone up at Whitewood Gardens” wrote Chris N., Life Enrichment Director at Whitewood Gardens in Portland, about CABARET COLLECTIVE–a group of VOLUNTEER singers–3 female singers and a male singer/pianist–who perform SONG MEDLEYS from the 40’s through the 70’s, as well as “Motown” hits and Holiday medleys. CABARET COLLECTIVE is mostly available Saturdays after 4pm and occasional Sunday afternoons. Learn more http://www.elderaudience.com/cabaret-collective/

**7-4-15–Passing along this super testimonial for MAGICIAN BOB EATON, from Lindsey B., Life Enrichment Director at Emerson House in Portland…“Bob Eaton performs for Emerson House (memory care) residents many times a year. He has become a crowd favorite for his talent, humor, and positive attitude. He interacts well with the residents, and is understanding of unique resident interactions. Families come in to watch his entertaining show. He is extremely reasonable (and fun!) to work with from a business stand point. We highly recommend Bob Eaton!” Invite BOB EATON to bring his magic show to you. He TRAVELS between Portland area and Mid-Willamette Valley: http://www.elderaudience.com/bob-eaton-magician/ 

**7-4-15–Registered Dental Hygienist JERRI HOLBROOK offers MOBILE DENTAL CLEANINGS, traveling to YOU with her portable dental unit, performing regular dental cleaning along with complete tissue & restoration evaluation, oral cancer screening, deep cleaning-soft tissue management and sealants. JERRI has 30+ years experience. MOBILE DENTAL CLEANINGS is a private, very affordable service! http://www.elderaudience.com/mobile-dental-cleanings/

**7-3-15–Just received a wonderful testimonial for the recently listed MISS BEHAVINS’ from Patti L., who wrote: “I would like to express how delighted it was to watch the trio singing group “The Miss Behavin’s” perform at my father in-law’s ninety ninth Birthday Party. All three ladies voices and expressive performance is creative 40’s entertainment for all ages. Watching the audience faces resonate to the music of their era was exciting to see. We will definitely invite them back to perform at other events in the future. I recommended the Miss Behavin’s to perform their special gift of music to any crowd.” FOR NOW, this group is happy to perform for a DONATION (no set charge). Learn more about MISS BEHAVINS’ http://www.elderaudience.com/missbehavins-vocal-trio/ 

**7-3-15–No more excuses! Personal Trainer BELINDA BALOGH brings her fitness programs TO YOUR DOOR! She specializes in exercise for mature bodies, of any age. BALANCE ENHANCEMENT, STRENGTH TRAINING, FALL PREVENTION, FLEXIBILITY IMPROVEMENT, PAIN REDUCTION, CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH, and more–even for those with Hip/Knee/Shoulder replacements. She works with INDIVIDUALS and SMALL GROUPS, traveling between PORTLAND and WILSONVILLE. Give her a try! http://www.elderaudience.com/boomer-fitnesssolutions-belinda-balogh/

**7-3-15-–Repeating news of this NEW LISTING, for your SPECIAL OCCASIONS or MARKETING EVENTS…Ice Artist James Stugart presents ICEovation: ICE SCULPTURES AND DEMONSTRATIONS! James creates Custom Ice Sculptures with a chainsaw or chipped with a chisel–he’ll replicate from a photo, drawing, or concept of what you are envisioning for that perfect ice sculpture to fit your special occasion. Beautiful and distinctive! Learn more: http://www.elderaudience.com/iceovation-ice-sculptures/

**7-3-15–Has LYNN ROSS entertained you? She is a JAZZ Vocalist, a longtime professional whose music spans the 30’s to the 70’s–tunes from the Great American Songbook as well as Pop songs, all accompanied by digital music tracks–perfect for dining, listening and/or dancing! LYNN has a HUGE repertoire–be sure to see some of the titles at her listing, and take a moment to listen to to the samples she has at her own website. She is has a terrific voice and gets wonderful reviews. **NO CHARGE! LYNN does gratefully accept donations, especially if she needs to travel far.  **Her availability right now is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the day, or evenings at 7pm on other days. Read about LYNN ROSS: http://www.elderaudience.com/jazz-vocals-with-lynn-ross/


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